NanoXplore is a graphene company, a manufacturer and supplier of high volume graphene powder for use in industrial markets. Our team brings together a deep understanding of carbon chemistry – from graphite to graphene – along with the industrial experience required to improve the performance of our customers’ products.
Established in 2011, NanoXplore has its headquarters and graphene production facilities in Montréal, Quebec. It has plastic production facilities across Quebec and in Vallorbe, Switzerland, with two additional plants under construction in Canada and the US. In 2013, NanoXplore filed its first graphene production patent and began to scale from lab to full scale production.
NanoXplore provides customers with a range of graphene-based solutions including GrapheneBlack™ powder, graphene-plastic laboratory scale masterbatch pellets, and graphene-enhanced polymers.
We have two operating divisions, one focused on graphene production and the other on plastics.
NanoXplore has established a 25 tonnes/year graphene powder production plant in Montréal, designed with a modular structure and with a planned production capacity of up to 70 tonnes/year. A new 10,000 tonnes/year production facility in Ville St-Laurent, QC is in the planning and is expected to begin the first phase of graphene production in January 2020. Partnered with Canadian mining company Mason Graphite, NanoXplore has access to a stable, long term, large flake source of graphite material from Quebec. NanoXplore’s highly qualified Research and Product Development team is supported by a fully equipped material characterisation and test laboratory. Our team has specific expertise in development and formulation of carbon additives, such as graphite and graphene, to improve the performance of industrial materials.