Doe Run Peru is an on-going concern that is on the public auction block. It comprises two productive units: La Oroya Metallurgical Plant and Cobriza mine, both in the Peruvian central Andes. La Oroya is a uniquely flexible, integrated, polymetallic metallurgical facility with 51 patents to produce 17 high quality products. The complex comprises four circuits: lead, zinc, copper and precious metals. The Cobriza underground mine is located southeast of Lima on the western flank of the Cordillera Oriental de los Andes and on the left bank of the Mantaro River within Churcampa Province Department of Huancavelica. The mine has been producing copper since late 1960s. It currently processes 4,300 tonnes per day of ore but has high potential, when operating at full capacity, to generate approximately 9,100 tonnes. The estimated reserves of the mine have a 13-year horizon but do not currently include results of exploration work underway.

Plans & Latest Developments
Our productive units, La Oroya Metallurgic Plant and Cobriza Mine, are on the public auction block for sale over three dates from June-July 2017. In a new environment that is pro-investment in industries across-the-board, we offer access to one of the world’s few polymetallic processing and recovery complexes and a high-potential copper mine with exceptional reserve horizons. These units allow Doe Run Peru to provide unparalleled access to a foothold in the world’s copper industry while offering refinery capacities to capture numerous products for sale on the international market. Interested parties can purchase units separately.