“Alabama Graphite Corp. is a Canadian-listed flake graphite exploration and development company, as well as an aspiring American-sourced-and-manufactured battery materials producer.

Alabama Graphite Corp’s mission is to build and advance the Company as a U.S. green-energy supply chain producer, with a mandate to address the needs of the rapidly expanding American lithium-ion battery industry and United States Department of Defense (DoD) battery manufacturers and contractors.

As the only known graphite development company with its core business based solely on the production of secondary-processed, specialty battery-ready Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (CSPG), Alabama Graphite Corp. does not intend to sell any primary-processed graphite concentrates.

A highly experienced team leads the Company with more than 100 years of combined graphite mining, graphite processing, specialty graphite products and applications, and graphite sales expertise.”